Dr. Wes Bellamy


Blavity, Inc.

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Black Lives Matter! Black Lives Matter! Black Lives Matter! 

This phrase has been chanted at protests, written on signs, spray-painted on buildings and posted on social media by many across the country. From Seattle to Miami and everywhere else in between, and abroad, we are witnessing a movement to force everyone with a pulse to understand the demand that Black people be treated with respect, dignity and equity is fervent. While people are proclaiming from near and afar that Black lives matter, we all have to collectively ask ourselves, “what does this actually mean?” 

Whether they are on the side of justice or not, I am convinced that most Americans will agree that we are in one of the most pivotal times in our nation’s history. There is a current push for change unlike anything that my generation has ever seen before. We are eager for solutions and a clear path to what’s next. We want to know that our righteous rage has meaning. Among Black people, this typically lends itself to discussing the need for economic empowerment, the importance of fixing our education system and, most commonly, the case for participating in the electoral process.