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We are unapologetic in our desire to publish stories that have an impact on the African American community. Join us

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Complete guide to our publishing services.

The Comprehensive Package

Stokely’s Scribes offers full comprehensive publishing services every step of the way. We guarantee a start to finish service that is unmatched. Our services include flawless marketing campaigns, manuscript editing, book design and artwork, and tailored distribution plans.

Speakers Series + Book Touring

We commit to ensuring that each of our writers partakes in a book tour within the first six months of their work being published. This tour is a way to both market your book but also tell your story. Based on the needs of our writers, we are prepared to assist with virtual tours or physical tours.

Dedicated Manuscript Help

Our team walks you through a polished product.. We are there with you every step of the way to help you publish your work. We understand how difficult it can be to polish a manuscript, so we’ve established a few guidelines below to help you through the process. Trust your work with the right publishing company.

Our Manuscript Guidelines

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our process for accepting submissions and reviewing manuscripts.

How It Works

Thank you for your interest in Stokely’s Scribes Publishing. We are a publishing company dedicated to telling the stories that empower the marginalized, encourage the forgotten about, and changing the landscape of writing. We are a publishing company that lives by the slogan “Tell your own story, or someone else will tell it for you.” Our goal is to be the best provider of material that empowers the community to create change. We are interested in publishing a wide array of writings including, but not limited to, nonfiction, fiction, poetry and short stories, and children’s books that may not otherwise have an outlet. Stokely’s Scribes welcomes the opportunity to review solicited and unsolicited manuscripts that explore the genres listed above.

In submitting manuscripts for consideration, please keep the following requirements in mind:

How To Submit

We accept all submissions on a rolling basis, so please do not hesitate to send us your writing. Once your manuscript has been submitted, please allow for anywhere from four to six weeks for a response. Our staff will not accept telephone calls regarding the status or review of a manuscript.

Send Proposals to:

ATTN: Proposals

Stokely’s Scribes Publishing

P.O. Box 2503

Charlottesville, VA 22902

Please also send electronic copy to:

I. Overview

 Describe your book in two or three paragraphs (500 words or less). What is the title and subtitle? Who is the target audience and what makes your book unique and worthwhile for them?

 II. Target Audience

 Who is your core audience, the most likely purchasers of this book? How big is that market?

 What other groups and types of readers will also be interested?

 III. About the Author

 Your credentials and experience; what makes you uniquely qualified to write and promote this book? What other media outlets do you regularly appear in? Please include information on, but not limited to:

  • Email List Size
  • Website
  • Facebook
  •  Twitter
  •  YouTube
  • Partnerships/Media contacts and their email list size/ media outreach potential
  • Previously published works – including title, pub date, and personal sales numbers associated with each work.

 IV. Competitive Titles

 List and summarize the major competitive titles and explain why yours is different from each. You want to look for titles that prove there is an audience who would find your book interesting, as demonstrated by earlier, successful books on the same or similar topic, while making clear how yours is different enough to compel those readers – and others – to buy it.

 V. Marketing and Promotion

 What is your comprehensive plan to actively promote the book? Where publicity should be focused? What are the magazines and other media outlets that your target audience pays attention to? Where should you and your publisher work especially hard to get the book reviewed?

  • Forewords: Who would be willing to contribute a foreword? Can you get their commitment before the manuscript is completed?
  •  Endorsements: Who would be willing to contribute an endorsement? Can you get their commitment before the manuscript is completed?
  • Media and Speaking Appearances: Does this book or your prior experience give you credentials to speak on any current topics in the media? What are the topics and target outlets? Beyond book stores, what other types of groups and organizations would be interested in having you speak to them?
  • Describe additional promotional opportunities you will pursue: tours, independent publicist, organizational connections, mailing and newsletter lists, workshops, social media advertising, etc.

VI. Detailed Table of Contents

Include the full Table of Contents, with detailed summaries of each chapter. This section needs to give a comprehensive, detailed map of what the book will contain.

VII. Sample Chapters

Include the first and end chapters – these sample chapters should offer an accurate sense of the style, substance and structure of the work, as well as be able to indicate any practical offerings within the content.

Manuscripts Must Be:

  • Typed and Double Spaced
  • Proofread for typographical errors and grammatical errors
  • Complete, including accurate bibliographical references, if applicable
  • When Sending Manuscripts:
  • Send copies of original work and other materials. Please keep all of your original documents
  • Please Include the Following Your Submission